Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have included information on our classes here that may be sent as widely as
you wish.

The dates are July 13-15 for Moths of California workshop taught by Jerry
Powell and myself, while Evi and I will teach the Butterflies of the Sierra
Nevada from July 9-13. The NABA-sponsored Yuba Pass butterfly count will be on
Saturday, July 7, 2012.

Reservations and deposits for the workshop and class must be made with J.R.
Blair of San Francisco State (

Moths of California

informal introduction for studying and observing moths. Emphasis will be on
collecting and processing adult moths and recording observations based on the
techniques described in our book, Moths of Western North America. The
workshop is recommended for persons interested in moths or those studying
insect/plant relationships, or managing biodiversity conservation.

P. Opler & J. Powell July 13-15 $250

Biol 315
Butterflies of the Sierra Nevada

Introduction to the natural history and ecology of butterflies. Lectures and slide talks cover the fundamentals of butterfly biology. We travel (carpool)to a
wide variety of local Sierra Nevadan habitats to identify and observe adult
butterflies and their behavior, their larvae, and their host plants.

P. Opler & E. Buckner July 8-13 $348

If you wish to participate in the butterfly count on July 14, please make arrangements with Paul Opler,