Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pre-publication discount offers

Persons from the entomological community who wish to order the book may receive a discount. The University of California Press is offering a 20% discount for orders received by April 30, 2009. A special code must be included with the order form [09m5991]. The retail price of the book will be $95. Interested persons may visit the book's site []. It is also expected that BioQuip, Inc. may offer a discount for pre-publication orders.

Book almost there!

Jerry Powell and I received the page proof for our book around November 11th just before my travel to the Entomological of America meetings in Reno, Nevada. During the 5 days in Reno, I spent a few hours each day reading through the proofs of the text and answering queries from the copy-editor. The entire stack of draft pages and plates was on view during the meeting at the California Agriculture Extension display.

On returning to Colorado, I spent a large amount of time each day going through the proofs. Both Jerry and I managed to get our respective portion of the proofs returned to Aptara in York, PA right on their deadline of December 12th. However, proofing and correcting the three indexes (moth, plant, and general) has taken by far the greatest amount of time. These are due to Aptara by January 2. We expect to meet that deadline. After that the corrected pages will be sent electronically, and we'll have 1 week to go through them and get them returned. Then the book will be sent to the printer. We expect to see preliminary copies of the bound book in March, but the expected release date will bee in May.